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24th & 25th December
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• 3 Days - Hebron - Village - South West Bank

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$695 per person (2 or more people)
Single supplement $100
Includes accommodations, all meals & program.
Begins every Friday (Private tours can also be arranged)

  • Village immersion experience
  • Explore south of Hebron
  • See the impact of the settlers
  • Palestinian society
  • People-to-people
This immersion experience places you within Palestinian society for three days. The village is about half-way between Jerusalem and Hebron amid a pastoral environment.

The villagers are accustomed to occasional visitors, and you'll find the residents hospitable and friendly. You are encouraged to explore a bit by yourself during your free time.

You'll be staying with a local family with modern facilities and wi-fi. You'll share a room unless you specifically request a private room. Private rooms are not always available.

Day 1 - Friday. After being picked up in Jerusalem you'll drive south past the Separation Barrier that blocks off Bethlehem. It takes 30-40 minutes to get to Beit Ummar through the Gush Etzion settlement block. On arrival in the village you'll be greeted by your host, Mousa Abu Maria.

There will be a briefing with maps and a discussion about the situation in the village, which is surrounded by settlements and continually having farmland confiscated. After lunch you'll tour the village and meet local families, learning about their hardships enduring the occupation. Mousa will be with you to translate and facilitate the conversations.

Day 2 - Saturday Mousa is a member of the village committee of the center for Freedom and Justice. Today your learn about the work of the organization and meet some of the organizers. In addition to non-violent resistance activities, the organization has built greenhouses, set up a womens' embroidery cooperative and other social and economic development activities.

You'll visit farmers adjacent to the village and learn about their problems with local settlers. There will also be an option to participate in the weekly non-violent demonstration by the villagers, together with Israeli and International activists. Your participation will be at your own risk since the Israeli military often breaks up the demonstration with tear gas.

Day 3 - Sunday Today you'll drive south with Mousa and visit the city of Hebron and a village further south in the hills of the southern West Bank.

You'll visit the Old City of Hebron, and the Ibrihimi Mosque (Abraham's Tomb). You'll see the absurd situation in the Old City where settlers have taken over the tops of houses with Palestinians still living on the lower levels.

After lunch you'll travel further south to a village where the poverty approaches third world levels, yet the people are constantly harassed by the IDF and local settlers.

Day 4 - Monday Today you'll be heading off on the next part of your trip. You can travel back to Jerusalem or to Bethlehem by public transport of taxi. Taling Palestinian public transport is a great way to finish off the experience.

Please remember that you will be staying in a conservative community and need to dress appropriately. Both men and women should cover up to the neck and to the ankles with shirts and tops covering to the elbows. My respecting local customs, you'll find that the villagers are more inclined to communicate wit you. Enjoy your trip.

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