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• Hebron and Jerusalem

Private tours only
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Tours to Hebron and Jerusalem can be customised to your needs. Starting from your hotel or convenient meeting place you can have an alternative tour of the old city or Greater Jerusalem, Seeing some of the historical sites and looking at the geo-political situation in the city.

You can visit Palestinian neighbourhoods, Jewish settlements, see the separation barrier and segregated roads. An in-depth visit to a settlement is also possible.

From Jerusalem the drive south to Hebron passes Bethlehem, settlements, the separation wall, and Palestinian villages and farmland. It is possible to arrange a visit with settlers en-route. Lunch will be in Hebron

In Hebron you can divide your time between the Old City and New City, or focus on the Old City. You can visit the Ibrihimi Mosque (Abraham's Tomb) and see the areas of the Old City that have been taken over by settlers.

With enough notice arrangements can be made to visit with one of the NGOs active in Hebron, such as the Christian Peacemakers Team, a US based organisation whose volunteers monitor and report on the situation in Hebron, and also provide escort services for children going to and from school. Palestinian children are often harassed by settlers on the streets.