Christmas Eve & Christmas Day tours to Bethlehem.
24th & 25th December
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• Overview of Tours

Hebron day tour  every Sunday and Tuesday 
This tour to Hebron illustrates the restrictions of the occupation and visits historical and religious sites. From Jerusalem you'll drive south, seeing many Israeli settlements and Palestinian villages. In Hebron you'll see the stark infrastructure of the occupation and visit the Ibrihimi Mosque, craft workshops and be hosted by a Palestinian family for lunch.

Hebron & Bethlehem day tour  every Monday and Thursday
You'll see most of the sites in Hebron and have lunch with a Palestinian family, then continue to Bethlehem. The tour visits the Nativity Church, a refugee camp, and the graffiti on the separation barrier that surrounds Rachel's Tomb.

Hebron & Jerusalem day tour  on request
This tour can be scheduled at any time for large or small groups. It begins with a drive around the edge of Jerusalem with stops at the separation wall and inside a settlement. Yu'll then continue to Hebron and visit the Ibrihimi Mosque and adjacent synagogue, and take a walk through the Old City where the settlers have taken over large sections of the market area. This tour can also be customized according to your interests. 

Hebron and Beit Ummar Village day tour 
on request
Individuals, large or small groups can book this tour. In addition to the sites and people of Hebron, you'll visit a Muslim village, Beit Ummar, visiting a family and taking a tour of the village. You'll learn how the Israeli settlements are continuing to confiscate villagers' farmland. Lunch is in the village.

3 days - Hebron, Beit Ummar
& Southern West Bank 

Departs every Friday
During this three-day adventure, you'll learn about the village of Beit Ummar, tour Hebron, and visit villages in the south West Bank that are continually being harassed by the radical settlers in the area. You'll be hosted by one of the leaders of the non-violent resistance movement in the village.